Nanchang, built on the site of a much smaller ancient city by the name of Gan, is the capital of Jiangxi Province (the name “Gan” is a shortened version of the name Jiangxi, and it also stands for the name of one of the dialects of Mandarin Chinese, the dialect spoken in Jiangxi Province, especially in the area around the present-day city of Nanchang, and to round out the influence of this name, it is also the name of the river on whose banks the city of Nanchang is situated). Nanchang is the political, economic and cultural center of Jiangxi Province. Nanchang has a long, illustrious history and a splendid culture, and has a multitude of traditional buildings. The city has won a present-day reputation as “a place blessed with a rich culture, talented people and economic prosperity”.

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