Venues & Hotels


Venue 1: Shangri-La Hotel, Nanchang (南昌香格里拉酒店)

Main conference, Workshops and other ancillary meetings

No. 669, Cui Lin Road, Honggutan district, Nanchang

Venue 2: Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (江西财经大学)

Doctoral Consortium

No. 169, Shuanggang West ST, Changbei district, Nanchang


Shangri-La Hotel, Nanchang (南昌香格里拉酒店)

No. 669, Cui Lin Road, Honggutan district, Nanchang

Rate*: About RMB 800/day sgl./dbl. room (including breakfast)

Booking: 1. Fill out an online-form (preferred); or 2. Send an email to with ref. “PACIS2023” ; or 3. Phone call (+86 791) 8222 2888 for any enquires.

* Rooms without breakfast are also optional.

Trilec International Hotel (泰耐克国际酒店)

No. 28, Xinfu Road, Honggutan district, Nanchang

Walking distance to venue 1: 400 m (6mins)

Rate*: About RMB 500/day sgl./dbl. room (including breakfast)

Booking: 1. Online reservation page (in Chinese); or 2. Phone call (+86 791) 88828888 for any enquires (English accepted).

* Rooms without breakfast are also optional

Alternative hotels

The venue 1 (Shangri-la hotel) is located in the heart of Nanchang CBD. It is easy to find foods and alternative hotels near it within walking distances. You can search them on map or traveling apps by yourself.

Rate: Usually RMB 300-500

City Maps

Between venues

The doctoral consortium will be placed at Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics (Venue 2), which is about 7 km from Shangri-La hotel (Venue 1). Free shuttle buses will be provided during the event.

It is also convenient by subway line #1 to get in the university from the hotel (7 stops, every 10 mins). The university is near to the station Shuanggang (双港站), and the hotel is just next to the station Qiushui Square (秋水广场站).

Airport to venue

The venue 1 (Shangri-La hotel) and Trilec International Hotel are both within walking distances of city government offices and the subway station (Qiushui Square Station, 秋水广场站) with connections to Line #1.

The airport is 28 kilometres from the hotels, which is about a 30-minute drive by car. Guests can choose between hotel limousine pick-up service*, taxis or airport shuttle buses to get to the hotels from the airport.

*The service is provided by the hotel and fees may be charged in addition to the room rates.

Railway stations to venue

Please notice that there are two railway stations in Nanchang: Nanchang Railway Station (南昌站) and Nanchang West Railway Station (南昌西站) . The Nanchang West Railway Station is with more high-speed railway to major cities in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.).

Both railway stations are about 20-30 minutes to the main venue (Shangri-la hotel) by taxies. They are also well connected by subway Line #2.