Visa Application

Conference participants who bear a foreign passport may need to apply for a Chinese visa to visit China. Participants can apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in the region where they live. To avoid any uncertainty, participants are advised to apply for the visa as early as possible, at least give one month in advance.

For most attendees, it is easier to apply for a Tourist (“L”) visa, for which no invitation letter is required for the application. In 2023, China has reopened up the L-visa to people in most countries after the covid-19 pandemic.

If required, you can also choose to apply an “M” visa (business and trades) for attending the conference.  Notice that an invitation letter is required for “M” visa. Please fill in the form below to get an invitation letter issued by the PACIS 2023 committee.

Important notices:

Invitation letter

Click the button below in case you need an invitation letter from PACIS 2023 committee.  Don’t forget to register for the conference here.

中文邀请信和发票(For China mainland attendees only)

以上invitation letter仅供境外人员办理签证使用,中国参会人员无需填写。大会报到现场将提供统一的中文邀请信自取。