Visa Application

Conference participants who bear a foreign passport may need to apply for a Chinese visa to visit China. Participants can apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in the region where they live. To avoid any uncertainty, participants are advised to apply for the visa as early as possible, at least give one month in advance.

In general, you can apply an “M” visa (business and trades) for attending the conference. The “M” visa is now opened to most countries according to the latest policies of China. Notice that an invitation letter is required for “M” visa. Please fill in the form below to get an ivitation letter issued by the PACIS 2023 committee.

For most attendees, it is easier to apply for a Tourist (“L”) visa, for which no invitation letter is required for the application. Please also notice that Tourist visa may not yet be opened to your country/region due to the Covid-19 related policies. Please keep checking the website for the most recent news or contact the Chinese embassy in your country/region.

Invitation letter

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